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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Too Much (from 1/13/13)

Well as the title suggests, I have just too much to write about and I think I will tell most of the things when I get home because some of the stories will be better that way anyways.
But one short thing that I will mention is about the investigator I told you about who is super golden and was really prepared. She is the one who was already living the word of wisdom before we taught it to her, because she had overheard some members talking about it. She also is the one who the first time we brought her to the church, on the way we passed by some Jehovahs witnesses and she told us that that is where she had been going to church and was going to get baptized. Well anyways, she had her baptismal interview and unsurprisingly passed. She is so excited to get baptized next week.
Also, there are so many miracles that we keep seeing. The investigator that I told you about who was praying that someone would change her life, then we met her - she has a baptismal date and has been so excited for it. She even has asked to sit in with the Filipina sister missionaries and helped them teach the first lesson, and bore her testimony to the investigator. It has been incredible to see how the gospel changes the lives of these people here.
One thing that has been difficult has been working with the Indonesians. Before it was ignored, but now we have been reminded that when teaching Muslims, the church has very strict guidelines. This was brought to light because of some recent converts who either have been killed by their family, or disowned and threatened because of their conversion. Indonesia is a mostly Muslim country and the sisters from there are pretty interesting. But a lot of them are really good. Luckily this week we have been blessed and have been able to find some already-christian Indonesians.
When I get back home remind me to tell you of the story of us rescuing Jinky and of how the part of my blessing that talks about my chinese aiding the work has happened in a way I never would have imagined. It is a long story and probably a better one for me to tell back home.
There is a recent convert who has the coolest conversion story.
A year ago she was in a coma in the Phillipines and when she woke up, her husband told her about how a white man in a white robe with a beard had walked into the room and told her that his name was Alpha and Omega and that she would have another chance at life, but that in one year from now, she would be given a blue book. She was to accept the book and use it to know what to do with her life and to help those around her. Well then she came to Hong Kong to work and when missionaries met her and gave her the blue book, she right away knew what it was for and was baptized along with her relatives back home.
Most of the stories that come from working with these people sound absurd, but another missionary who served here a long time ago put it well. He said, "Filipinas are blessed with a lot of faith as well as sometimes crazy-sounding visions or dreams. Indonesians are blessed with the gift of tongues. Because usually they cant speak English or Chinese but the moment they are baptized they somehow have almost perfect English." Crazy, but true.
Well thank you all for everythign. I love you so mcuh!
Love, jordan

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