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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Time Flies By (from 1/7/13)

I always have heard from other missionaries and RMs who say that their missions progressively get faster and faster. And it is definitely true. I remember going through the MTC and it felt like years before we left for Hong Kong. Then my first couple of transfers also went by really slowly. But wow time is moving so fast. 
This week was cold but really good. We were able to get 13 pull-backs. A pull-back is someone who we meet in Central and are able to take them back on the train with us to Wan Chai and have them go to church.
On Saturday we had some really cool miracles. While trying to convince one Filipina to come back to church with us, another one approached us and asked if we were missionaries and if we could take her to our church. We were able to get both, and when we took them down the escalator to buy tickets, another one came up and told us her niece was a mormon and that she used to drive past the temple in Manila everyday. We were able to pull back all three of them, and right when we got in the church, all three of them started crying and two of them ran into the bathroom because they were embarrassed.  Then after we dropped them off at the church with some members, we went back and started talking to another Filipina. She right away agreed to go to church with us.
After testimony meeting, we had to teach a few lessons, but when we came out, the last Filipina ran up and was thanking us for helping her come. We sat down to teach her a lesson, and she told us that it was a miracle because she has been really sad in Hong Kong and she hasnt known what to do because she has no friends and her employer is really bad to her. She told us that the nigth before, she was planning on staying in her room all day during her holiday, but then she had a feeling she had to go out. She knelt down and prayed to God asking him specifically to allow her to meet someone the next day who would be able to help her. She said that when she saw "Jesus Christ" on my nametag, she right away knew she was supposed to go with us.
The other three pullbacks were also really good. They all are actually really golden even though one of them's parents are preachers in some "born-again" church, and another one's dad is a Catholic priest or something. But they are very accepting of the Gospel and loved church.
I just have been thinking about how grateful I am for serving a mission. It  has helped me to learn and grow so much, as well as to witness so many miracles.
Well I love you all! Have a great week!
Love, Jordan

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