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Sunday, February 17, 2013

PDay Email (from 9/13/12)

Well things are really going uphill in Chai Wan. Last week we had 9 investigators come to church in our ward. That is nine times as many as this area has ever had the whole time I was zone leader over it. The ward is thrilled, and to top it off we started meeting with the ward correlator's inactive son, and he said he needs to find his tie because he is coming back to church on Sunday. He is such a nice kid. His mom is against the church, and he was converted a couple of years ago, but because his relationship with his father isnt amazing, he has become less active. But it was amazing meeting with him and talking to him about it and telling him that we need him back at church because we need him to fulfill his Aaronic Priesthood duties. He has a very strong testimony but is just a little shy and has his mother's opposition.
So anyways, my companion and I set a goal at the beginning of this month to have a baptism in September. We know that this area hastn baptized in over a year, but it felt right so we did it. Well as the time has wound down, we have had a lot of good investigators, but they all will probably get baptized in October, not September. But then last night I met with a former investigator from a year ago that I have kept trying to get ahold of. He is a really nice, quiet 16 year old boy who had to stop coming a year ago once school started, but as I talked to him I saw that he really had a strong testimony.
So in the middle of the lesson I asked him very straight-forward if he is ready to be baptized. He looked down for a little bit and then about 5 minutes later looked up and said, "yes, but you guys need to help me review all of the lessons first."
I gave him a baptismal date for two weeks from this Sunday so that he could get baptized on his third sunday at church, and he seemed thrilled about it. He shared some really good spiritual experiences he had a year ago witht he missionaries, and I think he is ready.
I realized last night that two weeks from Sunday is still in September because there are 5 sundays this month. So a miracle came around the last minute so that we can reach our goal.
We will still have to get his parents permission and stuff like that. I think if it doesnt work out, I wont be mad at all, but I really see this as an example of the little miracles that we can recieve from just having faith.
I heard BYU won their first game haha. Its funny how even on the other side of the world the members who went there still care about things like that.
Well I dont really have too much more to say, but I love you all!!
Love, Jordan

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