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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Lots of Changes (from 08/01/12)

Good morning!

Wow, well this has been quite a shocking week for me. So many things have happened and lots of changes are coming up.

So we had Zone Leader Council this last week and President Hawks asked if he could see me in his office. 
He told me that there is no hierarchy in missionary work. He then told me that he is planning on opening a new companionship somewhere and that he wants me to open it up, as well as train there at the same time. 
He announced it in Zone Leader Council and in Leadership Training the next day, and I am excited, but also really confused.
I have no idea where, but next Thursday I will be in my new area training a new missionary. I am not really nervous about training, but I just have no idea where I could go. There is a chance I could go to an area that is not doing very well and already has missionaries and just open up a new companionship there, or maybe I will go split an area? Also I know that in the New Territories there was a new ward that was supposed to open up, but the chapel wont be done until November so everyone has been saying that change wont happen until then. So I really have no idea. The only advice him or the APs have given me is just to keep my positive attitude no matter where I go or what its like there right now. Also, President Hawks said he already knows which missionary he is sending with me to do this, because he met them all in the MTC already. 

I am a little bit nervous, and I know that things may start out kind of slow since I obviously wont know the ward or the area, or anything, and I wont have a companion that has served there before. 

So once again, the APs told me I would be staying a long time in an area and once again I am leaving early. Some people will stay in areas for 6 transfers, but so far my longest has been 3. The worst part is that right now Kwun Tong is on fire. I visited a part member family and started teaching them this last week, and the mom asked if we would be willing to come all the way up in Sai Kung (the middle of nowhere, where they live) to teach other people too. Of course I said yes and she got all excited and said that she has been thinking of a bunch of other families who have interest in learning the gospel up there. Then, we had a miracle with another family. The dad is not a member and is almost 70 years old. He has 2 daughters. 1 is married and the other is not. The one who is not married is in the hospital witha  lot of problems and she needs to get a bunch of transplants. We met with the dad and taught him last week. He told us he wants to get baptized at the end of the month so that he can live with his family forever. It was a really good lesson, and things went well. 
Then this last Sunday, the older, married sister got up to give a talk in sacrament meeting and praised me for helping her father and announced his baptism. Then the family asked me to baptize him. 
The other talk in sacrament meeting was a less active who I found and reactivated. He is so solid now and got up and talked about me a lot and how I helped him.
The ward right now is more willing to help missionaries than I have ever seen any ward. They love us so much and now they are constantly wanting to help us and introduce friends and family to us. We have been on fire and have also been helping out the sisters in the ward too. In the last month, Kwun Tong has had 7 baptisms. That is more than most wards see in 2 or 3 years in Hong Kong. 
I am so sad to leave. Some of the members found out and have been trying to schedule us lately, but it will be sad when I go to church here for the last time. 
But I guess that is how missionary work is. It is important to remember that it's not my work, it's not my companion's work. It is the Lord's work. And no matter what I cant stay anywhere forever. My job is to go into areas, do everything I can to make them better and bring the people unto Christ there, then leave and go somewhere else. Once my areas start doing extremely well, I cant seem to stay and enjoy it.

Well, other than that, we now have another summer missionary. But I will only be with him for the next week before I move. He is really good, and is actually Elder Dastrup's convert. I am pretty excited because it is incredible what a few weeks of being a missionary can do for these kids. I love it.

Well I love you all and am so grateful for your prayers and support. I guess just keep them up haha. Because this next week I am going to need them. 

Thanks for everything!!

Love you!!

Love, Jordan

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