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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Families! (from 9/26/12)

Ever since I got here to Chai Wan, President Hawks has been really pushing for a focus on families.
Before, I think it is fair to say that families was never really a focus for us because it seemed so far-fetched that we could teach full families, especially in their homes. But in Kwun Tong I felt really lucky and blessed becuase we were actually doing that quite often, and I baptized the dad and son whose mom died in a car crash. However, missionaries in this area have had struggles teaching anyone, let alone families. But this last week went really well. We were able to teach some part-member families, then earlier this week we had some miracles.
We were finding in a park at night adn werent having a ton of success, but then I started talking to a mom and when she was about to leave, it started raining really hard so she had to stay under the covered area we were at. Then her friend ran in with all of us and we were able to talk to them more about the gospel. Well, they were amazed  by what we do and were really interested because they were already going to a christian church, but had interest in finding a different church.
Well we were able to talk to them for a long time and rescheduled both of them with their families at their houses. Then when the rain calmed down they brought us over to a restaurant and bought food for us. The next day we were able to visit one of their families and it went really, really well. They fed us and then we taught their whole family in their house. Tomorrow we will probably go to the other families house and teach them next.
We have been seeing a ton of miracles lately, and we had more people at church this last Sunday than we have ever had before. Things are really looking up for our area and ward. Every Sunday at least one of the sacrament meeting talks is on missionary work. The ward is giving us referrals, and letting us teach their families. Chai Wan has pulled a 180 degree turn and it is really obvious.
Anyways, I am sure you heard, but I went to a surgeon and he did and ultrasound and said he sees something that is bigger than normal but he doesnt know if it is my appendix or just a lymph node. He said it is extremely rare for people's appendix to hurt then go away and come back again (like dad's did) and so it probably is not my appendix. But he said to keep an eye on it in case it does turn out to be something like that.
I have been taking antibiotics for it just in case, and if it was from my appendix, I think they have worked. Because it doesnt really hurt anymore.
It is almost Mid-autumn festival here in Hong Kong, so I am back to eating mooncakes again with the lotus paste and egg yolk inside. It is really weird to think about how long I have been on my mission for, because it really doesnt feel like that long. Next month is Halloween, then after that is Thanksgiving, then after that comes Christmas. Weird.
Well I hope everything is going well for you all. Thanks for everything!!
Love, Jordan

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