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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Conference (from 10/18/12)

Wow, time just continues to fly here. I cant beleive it is already more than halfway through October, and next general conference I will be about getting ready to go home. Crazy!!
This last week we were able to watch general conference. It was really really good as always, and the best part was that we were able to get 11 investigators there to see it! 
I have grown to really love Elder Holland's talks in general conference since being on my mission. I think a big reason why is probably because they always talk about missionary work, and usually are directed to those choosing not to go on missions, or those who are preparing or deciding to go or not. So it feels pretty good already being out in the mission field, and seeing a lot of the things he talks about. I really cant explain how much I have learned on my mission, or how much I continue to learn. I really am so grateful for this experience.
I feel like when I get back, the things I have learned on my mission are going to influence me for the good in so many different ways, from school to how I treat other people. Not to mention my gospel knowledge has grown so much, as well as an understanding of so much more.
I was thinking about it the other day and had the thought that if every single person had the gospel knowledge I have, it would be so much easier for them to get baptized and endure to the end. Not that that is an easy task, but 90 percent of the people we talk to on the street everyday just dont understand. I think that if they understand one basic principle, and that is the love and character of God and their savior Jesus Christ, their lives would forever be changed. Thats why part of our job here is so difficult. It is not always an easy task to try and convey that message and help them feel the spirit testify of it in sometimes less than a minute. Especially in the fast-paced life here in Hong Kong.
Actually that started to make me feel a little anxiety for them. Because there are so many times good people reject us, not because they are bad, but because they just dont fully understand. And no matter how hard or long we work, we may never get to every single person to help them understand. But I realized that God knows each and every one of them. He is aware of their situation, and it is our job to do everything we can to find these people and touch their hearts with the spirit. But in the end God is the one really in control of who we come into contact with and what situation those people are in. As long as we are always doing our best and dilligently working to bring everyone we can unto Christ, God will worry about the rest. I am really grateful for this, as well as I am grateful for the Holy Ghost which so often leads us to where God wants us, and lets us know what to say.
In conference I really enjoyed the story about the successful missionary who was so successful because when he saw people, he saw them for what they had the potential to become. This is incredible. It is something I think that relates so closely to everything we do as missionaries. It not only relates to how we look at our investigators, but also how we look at ourselves. I feel like people so often get in a rut of not changing or improving just because they only see what they are, not what they can become. While I am happy with what I am right now, there is always room for change and I can always become a little more Christlike, I think that if I were to see my full potential as a missionary, and as a child of God, I would be able to accomplish more than I ever imagined. So this has been my goal. I want to live striving constantly to be more christlike and to be more than I currently am.
If the world were to see itself and others not as they are, but how they could be, then as a whole I think we would progress at a much faster rate in every aspect of life.
Well I guess thats about it for this week. But thanks for everything!!
Love, Jordan

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