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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Less Actives (from 11/11/12)

I hope you are all enjoying the snowy weather in Utah! Here it is still warm (too warm). But to be honest, I really miss the snow, and will be excited to get back to it. It will be so weird to be back in a place that snows, in a really big house (compared to any house in hong kong. I have been in some that I am pretty sure are smaller than my bathroom), and going to an English speaking ward. I am sure that the first little while I will just be in shell shock.
One of the great things about this time of year in Hong Kong though is the lights. All of the big buildings are starting to get christmas decorations all over them, and they usually stay up until they are replaced by the chinese new years lights and decorations. It makes night time even more beautiful here.
Except no matter what, Christmas and Thanksgiving wont be anything like they are at home. I remember last year one of the missionaries got a package at thanksgiving with everything you could ever want. The problem is that pumpkin pie, turkey, mashed potatoes, etc... arent meant to be sent through the mail. They had all leaked out of their containers, making a smelly mess that was leaking through the cardboard package. So if you were ever thinking about sending thanksgiving to me in a package, I can wait until next year haha.
A few weeks ago there was a poor newer missionary who was talking to me and it was obvious he was pretty homesick. He was going on about how he thinks he will be okay until Christmas. But once Christmas hits, he will just want to be home. I accidentally reminded him that after that Christmas, he will still have another a year from this December. He was not very happy about that haha. I actually dont remember being very homesick, especially around the holidays. I will enjoy being home for them, but really that was some of my favorite memories from here on my mission. I feel like Christmas is the best time to be a missionary. I dont know if it is because of the colder weather, the caroling, or maybe the higher level of interest in Jesus Christ, but I am actually really looking forward to the holidays here in Hong Kong again. Then right after the American holidays end, Chinese New Year comes, and that is always a ton of fun. I still dont know why they dance around  on stilts in dragon costumes that are constantly throwing up lettuce all over stores and people, but it is pretty fun.
This week has been great. We have decided to really focus on less actives rather than finding on the street.
Luckily this is the right time to do that. I have been going to work writing personal letters to each of them so that when we get to the guards at the bottom of their apartments, we have something to give them as an excuse for coming in. We will see how that works out.
Well I guess theres not too much else to talk about. I love you all! Hopefully next week I get the whole hour and a half to email and I can tell you more (we get more time because we also email the mission president now) . but there are too many people at the place so it is gonna kick me off soon. Thanks for everything!!

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