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Sunday, February 17, 2013



This last week was full of miracles!!

It was our first full week in a ward that hasnt had more than 2 investigators at church in over a year. But we miraculously had 4 investigators at church and the ward loved it. They were really excited and the other companionship actually had an investigator at church as well. 
So I believe that if in one week we were able to find 4 people and get all of them to church, then this area can become a great area very quickly. 

I have learned so much about faith because of everything that has happened lately. When we go finding or to teach lessons, I have learned very quickly that if we dont have faith in the people we meet, or in God preparing people for us, then things dont work out as well as they could. 

Well anyways, tomorrow we have mission tour, so some general authorities will be meeting wit us. I am not sure exactly what will happen, but it should be fun I guess. 

Thanks for everything!! Love you!! Bye!!

Love, Jordan

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