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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Lots of Lessons (from 2/4/13)

Some weeks as a missionary, you feel like you are just planting lots of seeds in peoples' hearts. Other weeks (these weeks are better) you feel like you are harvesting the success. This last week was definitely a harvesting week. This last week we had almost 20 referrals, and had 15 investigators stay for all three hours of church. The investigators have all been very good, and I wouldnt be surprised if all of them get baptized some day. 
One of the comments I heard one night while walking past a group of them that was talking to the members was, "Wow! This is the best Holiday I have ever had!" 

Also, it has been amazing to see how the members have turned into really good missionaries and have really gone to town inviting everyone they can to come to church with them. 

Another great thing that happened this week is Rency passed her baptismal interview and wants me to baptize her this Saturday. She is the one who we found that said she had been praying to meet someone that would change her life, and when she saw our name tags she knew right away we were the answer to her prayers. 

International is pretty well known for having people trying to bible bash us a lot. Because we show up to places where there are usually hordes of other missionaries and preachers from other churches. Some of them are complete with live bands playing their hymns and preachers yelling on loudspeakers. 
For the most part they leave us alone, but sometimes when they try to anti our members who are helping us, we have a hard time just standing there letting it happen. And my companion happens to have the best scripture knoweledge in the mission. I am convinced he has the entire quad memorized. So I dont have to do any of the arguing most of the time, I just let him do it. 
But I have become quite familiar with the doctrine of the other big churches in the Phillipines, and it has been interesting to see them all fighting against each other. We have collected pamphlets and things attacking tons of churches, and while none of them are right themselves, it is sad to see them be so malicious to each other. However, it has really been a blessing to us. I have been so grateful for the restoration, because when we meet with our investigators, they understand Joseph Smith's situation perfectly and they all start crying when we share the first vision, because it is like they have been waiting to hear it their whole lives. 

One more cool story! Last night we were really far away in Discovery Bay at the Victoria 1 (white people) branch's branch president's house helping him give his daughters blessings. Well when we left we knew we were going to be late because we had to take a long ferry ride back, but I saw a Filipina lady walking on the sidewalk and crossed the street to talk to her anyways. She right away got excited and started saying, "Elder! Elder! I am so happy to see you!". She started crying before I even said anything. But I found out she is a member that my MTC teacher baptized while he was here, but she shortly after went less active. She told me about how her trials kept her from going to the church, and how when she moved she didnt know how to get back to the church. She also told me about her conversion story and about how amazing she felt when she went to the temple to do baptisms for the dead. She even has continued to read the Book of Mormon! 
But she had started praying that she would be able to find a way to get back to church, and when I started talking to her, her prayer was answered and now she is excited to go back. 

It is crazy how often we are put in the right place at the right time. 

Well I gotta go, but thanks for everything!

Love you!

Love, Jordan

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