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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Miracles (from 1/20/13)

Hello again!
I think this week has been one of the best weeks of my entire mission. We had a great baptism on Saturday. I baptized the super golden investigator I had been telling you about. Her name is Remy and I am so excited for her and for her family as she has been trying to work with them so that they will meet missionaries in the Phillipines.
We had so many miracles this week, I dont even know where to begin. We had one of our investigators from before that had to go back to Phillipines come back and call us saying she wanted to go to church. After sacrament meeting the members came up and told us she had been asking them about how to get baptized because she has been prayinga bout it and feels like she needs to be baptized in this church. Then on Saturday we were worried because we have an investigator who is really good but two Saturdays ago when we challenged her to baptism, she said she wants to, except she isnt sure all the way if she should. We thought it was a miracle because this last Saturday we knew we were going to have a baptism, so we invited her to it and told her she would get her answer during the baptism.
She called us Friday night and told us she had something she needed to tell us, but then Saturday morning to our dismay, she didnt show up for the baptism. But before sacrament meeting started, she showed up with some of her friends. She told us that she was sorry but she really wanted to bring her friends to chruch and thats why she was late.
After we taught her friends (who were all very golden), she took us aside and told us she needed to tell us that she prayed about it and felt very strongly that God told her she is supposed to join the church and be baptized.
Yesterday, we went to go finding for a pull-back and the members with us had someone I didnt recognize. It turned out to be someone who had met one of the members in an elevator on Friday. Well this member is so good and always being a missionary everywhere she goes, and she asked this Filipina to come to church with her. Well then on Sunday morning the Filipina also wanted to go finding with us, and she did. It was so funny because I was really confused at who she was and I thought she was just a member who had been gone or something, then was back.
During sacrament meeting, the whole meeting was on things like temple ordinances and stuff, so we thought it would be way over her head. But when we looked back at the end of the meeting, she was the only person in the meeting who was crying. So we pulled her aside and she told us she has been looking for God's church her whole life and today during the sacrament meeting she felt a very strong impression that she had found it. Later on, we got a text from her telling us that Sister Mary Jane (the member who invited her) has been God's stepping stone to find a better life, the true church, an eternal family, and eventually into the holy temple someday. I was shocked, but elated that this person who had only met with us once already had a goal to go to the temple.
We also had someone who I pulled back that was really funny. She was a midwife in the Phillipines before she came here. I wasnt too excited about the fact that she kept telling stories about delivering babies while we were waiting for members to get to the church to help us teach. She told me, "Well you have to know these things because someday it is going to happen to your wife." yeah...
But anyways, the lesson was really powerful and afterwards, I felt that I needed to talk about temples even though this is the first time we have taught her. She started crying and told me that her dad died ten years ago and that last month she had a dream that she found out her dad was still around, and she needed to help him. Well when she eventually got to him, he looked very sad and told her that she couldnt help him where she was right now, but that she had to choose the right path so that someday in the future she could. Apparently this has been on her mind a lot lately and when I shared about the temple, it answered all of her questions.
Being a missionary is great. But sometimes the things we experience and see and hear about are just so incredible. It has been such a blessing for me to be working here with these people who are so open to the spirit and have so much faith.
Well thank you all for everything!!
Love you!
Love, Jordan

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