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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Getting There (from 8/30/12)

Hey everyone,
So last week went pretty well. We had Stake Conference and were able to get a lot of investigators there. Then so far this week we have had a lot of opportunities to serve members as well as investigators. So although we havent had a bunch of lessons, we have been being just as, if not more productive.
I guess that theres nothing too exciting to report on this week, other than just that everything is doing well and continually progressing.
President Hawks has kept in contact with me over the online weekly reports. He is really awesome, and I am super excited for the future of the mission. He has so much faith and hope for the mission, I hope I can try to have that much faith for the future of the mission and the hong kong area. I think I can consider myself lucky for having two mission presidents.
President Chan was amazing and I learned so much from him, but so is President Hawks. I feel priviledged to be able to be here for both of them.
Oh! so you would never guess what happened yesterday. Some missionaries and us were on the train on the way to the temple and at one of the stops, we saw a group of white girls about to get in through the door we were standing just in front of. I remember us thinking it was kind of weird, and then we realized they must be LDS because of the way they dressed and were. Well they got in and one of them started asking where we were from, etc... Then out of nowhere in the back I heard one say, "Jordan Bingham!?" It was super super weird, and it turned out to be Karissa Carter, Danielle Leavitt's best friend who I knew in high school and hung out with quite often in college. She was with a group on their way up to mainland China to teach English there as a volunteer thing that a lot of people do. They spent a little bit of time in Hong Kong and actually when we met them, they were on their way to the temple so we showed them how to get there. But it was just so weird because so many times other missionaries have met people who ask about me or something, but this is the first time I actually ran into someone I knew from back home. It was just weird that even on the other side of the world in China, there are probably a lot more people here that I know than I realize.
Well anyways, we have a super good investigator we are going to teach today. He has studied in England for the last 9 years, and about 4 years ago he was standing in line for something and some missionaries approached him and started talking to him about the church. The missionaries never were able to contact him again or anything, but what they never did and probably never will find out is that from then until now, he has been searching for missionaries just like them. He told us that all of his friends would talk about running into the missionaries, and he was always confused at why they would run into missionaries but he wouldnt, even though he was the one who wanted to.
So then he just barely graduated in a university there and moved to Hong Kong. I guess that one day while he was walking around, he had a feeling to go into our chapel, and then when he saw missionaries inside, he realized he had found what he's been looking for  all this time.
He is wanting to join the church, and he is very intelligent and progressing extremely well. In fact he is available to meet with us everyday. Two days ago while teaching him about the plan of salvation he even said, "Well I guess I am going to have to stop smoking pretty soon so that I can get baptized."
I am really excited for him to continue to progress and hopefully he can be done smoking soon.
Well thats about it for this week. But thanks for everything!! Love you all!
Love, Jordan

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