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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Mid-Autumn Festival (from 10/3/12)

Happy Mid-autumn festival!
I guess it is a little late for that because it was last Sunday. But it was pretty fun for us over here.
Last weekend was really cool. Mid-Autumn festival is famous for the mooncakes and lanterns. I think
it goes back to some Chinese story about some boy and girl that were seperated and would look up
to the moon or something like that, I dont really remember. But we went to some parks at night and
they were filled with families holding up a bunch of different lanterns. Some of them were normal, some
were animal shaped. There are these little LED light things that all of the little kids had. You turn them on,
then you use a rubber band to launch them into the air and they helicopter down. I got one so maybe
if I get a chance, I can send it home. nothing too cool though.
I think my favorite part was just all the Chinesie things going on. There were lanterns everywhere,
fireworks, traditional shows and puppet shows, and other stuff.
Then, Monday was like China Nationality day or something(I dont remember what it is called). It is the
date that England handed over Hong Kong to China. Because it was a holiday we spent the morning with
the elders quorom playing soccer, then the rest of the day we went finding. Finding is pretty hard to do
on Chinese Holidays, because all of the families are together, but they do not like being disturbed by anything.
But I still wanted to go finding because there were a lot of really cool things going on like more dragon boat
races in the harbor. Those are actually kind of fun to go to. They are these long boats with a bunch of people
inside paddling, and someone sitting in front banging on a drum to that everyone paddles to the beat of in order
to stay together.
But I guess that on Monday night during the fireworks, two ferries out in the Harbour crashed into each other
and one of them sunk super fast, killing a bunch of people. Luckily none of the missionaries or anyone was
taking any of the ferries at that time. Because I guess a lot of people were taking the ferries to get a good
view of the fireworks above them.
Tuesday was still a Holiday so the International missionaries invited us to help them pull people back from World-
Wide. I always love doing that. It is a really fun experience and every time I am amazed at how humble
and happy they all are.
Our area is still on the rise. We have some really good families, and for us we will watch general conference
On the 13th and 14th I believe. So we should hopefully get a lot of investigators to go to that and
get some good stuff out of it.
Well, I guess thats about it for this week. President Hawks wrote me and said something that I think will
help us continue to have success with the people we are teaching. He said: "Keep praying for and expecting
them to want to continue to listen and learn and when they hit hard times, ask the Lord to soften their hearts
and to give them experiences and impressions to change them. He will do it."
I guess it just helped me realize that we are not in this work alone, and that while we cant watch and
be there for our investigators 24/7, the Lord can.
Thanks for everything!! I love you all!
Love, Jordan

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