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Sunday, February 17, 2013

One Year in Hong Kong (from 9/6/12)

Well I just realized today that I think it is my one year mark of
getting to Hong Kong. I arrived on Wednesday September 6 last year I
think. So yeah, here it is the 6th right now but a thursday.

Things are going well. We are really doing amazing in terms of how
things are going with the members. They are super willing to help
right now, and we went to ward council and the entire meeting was
devoted to helping missionaries and so they came up with some plans
and we have a lot of missionary activities and things planned for us

We went down in terms of how many investigators have been coming to
church a little bit, but I actually am not too disappointed about that
because I think there is a reason for it.

Well I dont have a lot of time because I still have a lot of stuff to
do today because we are going to visit a member as well as I need to
write my weekly report to President Hawks. but yeah things are just
still doing well.

Love you all!!

Love, Jordan

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