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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Late (from 11/26/12)

Sorry everyone, I originally got on to email this morning, but my computer kicked me off and I havent been able to get to another place until just barely. 

But I think it is a good thing. I ended up going to a place in Kwun Tong to email, and the lady who owns it used to be an investigator here. We would go over to her house to teach her son English, then eat together with her family at least once or twice a week. But I was talking to her and no missionaries have been over for a long time and it sounds like she can hopefully now get work off on Sundays so she can go to church. (that was her problem before, her husband forced her to work on Sundays). So it is a good thing that we ended up over here I think. I will be able to let the missionaries over here know. 

This week was pretty good. Our zone had a big thanksgiving activity and we were able to eat turkey and mashed potatoes and stuff, but of course no pie. I will be looking forward to that a lot when I get home. 

Not too much is going on. We have a lot of investigators still working towards baptism. We have run into a few problems with some of them such as parental permission and things like that, but I dont think it will slow things down too much. As long as we keep doing our part, I think that things will continue to improve, and the area will continue to progress.

I was able to sit down with my companion and another young missionary and talk to them a little bit. A lot of young missionaries have a tendency to find every little thing wrong with their companion and complain to other missionaries about it without fixing the problem. I told them the story about when I was with my trainer. I really didnt like a lot of the things he was doing. I focused so much on what I thought were his faults that I now look back and feel like there were so many things he did really well that I missed out on learning because I was too distracted by the bad. After I was done being companions with him, I was really humbled when I realized that he had done so many things so well, and that I had just as many if not more fault than him. So I wrote him a letter and gave it to him before he finished his mission, apologizing for my pride and thanking him for the things he had taught me. 
A lot of new missionaries think that their trainers or others are doing things wrong because either they have some weird quirk, or else maybe they dont find as much as the younger missionary thinks, or something else. But it is very hard for younger missionaries to accept the fact that maybe their ideas are wrong, and their trainer may know what he is doing because he has been here for a long time. 
So I told them just to focus on the good in every companion they have, and to learn everything they can from them. Because the difference between good missionaries and bad missionaries all comes down to humility and learning the good while not focusing on the bad. It was really good and I hope that they learn from it. I know it is definitely something I had to learn early on. It makes things so much more enjoyable.

Well I am running out of time, but thanks for everything!! I love all of you!!

Love, Jordan

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