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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Too Much to Talk About

Wow, well I have a LOT to talk about, but no time because we only have 40 minutes to email.

On Tuesday night I was teaching a lesson and got a call from a random number. I quickly turned my phone off and then afterwards I listened to the message. Apparently it was President Chan calling from inside the temple. He wanted me to call back and so he did. He told me that I have turned the area around after years of no success. I have earned the respect and trust of the ward leaders. I have helped my companion grow and progress a lot, and I have really demonstrated my leadership skills both in leadership situations and by my example. Then he asked me if I could go to Zone Leader council the next day because he would like me to be a Zone Leader. 

I had soooo many thoughts running through my mind (and still do). I honestly dont remember what he said after that because my brain turned off and I was so confused. 

No missionary has gone Zone Leader until like their 10th transfer or something at youngest. I havent even finished my 5th yet and I have no idea what I am doing still I feel like. 

So I went to Zone Leader Council the next morning and sat through a day of discussing and listening to ideas of how to help certain zones. I really felt like I learned a lot, and I was happy that everyone was so supportive of me.

I will be honest. I feel like because I have been put in lucky situations, everyone has an idea of me that is not too accurate. In my first area I was known because president chan told everyone about how many new investigators and stuff I had found, now I broke the tai po curse, but it is not because of me. I feel like I have had great companions and amazing members which I feel like I can attribute to every little bit of success I have had. Well that and God-given miracles.

So it was a relief when all of the Zone Leaders were so loving and welcoming to me at Zone Leader Council. Because I am pretty sure they knew I really dont know what is going on.

Then yesterday I didnt write emails because I had to go to leadership training with all of the leaders. It felt really wrong sitting at the  zone leader table when there were much more experienced missionaries at the other tables. 

Then they called on me to give a sharing about some experiences I have had with using the book of mormon while finding and teaching. That went really well I feel like.

Well now I am just rambling. But I also found out that I am NOT staying in my area :(

My area has 3 baptisms next transfer that are for sure happening, and I have only been here for a little while. I will be a zone leader in the Island Zone and I will be serving in Kwun Tong. 

Apparently Kwun Tong has been having the same struggles as my area right now when I came in. But it is known as the land of miracles.

Also, my new companion will be Elder Ho. He is also a new called zone leader but he ends his mission in 2 transfers. He is a native Hong Kong missionary who is amazing. He is so powerful and known as one of the most loving people ever. He babies his companions a lot and is super humble. I am SO excited to be with him. But I am still really sad to be leaving my area...

I feel like I got lucky breaks in the areas I have been to, and I am confused about being a zone leader (especially since I was never even a district leader). But I know that if I pray a lot and ask God to help me become what I imagine a good Zone Leader to be, learn from not only my companion, but also all of the missionaries on Hong Kong Island, and also be very humble and teachable, then I will be able to do it. 

I am very happy to be leaving my area so well set up for the next person who comes in.

I was NOT expecting to have so much to talk about in this email. I have much more but really have no time. 

I have SOOOOO MUCH to learn still. I know so many missionaries that are much better and more experienced. Our mission is full of them. and I feel bad because some people were expecting to be called to this but they werent. I would let them instead of me if I could. But I am really excited to learn all I am going to in the next little while.

Well I will tell you more next week adn by then I will be in Kwun Tong probably. Or on my way.

Love you all!!

Love, Elder Bingham.

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