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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sick but Happy

Well as the subject line suggests, I am sick. But I am happy. I have been sick for a while but it just got worse so I went out and bought antibiotics to try and get rid of it. It may be worse as a result of last week. We worked VERY hard. While I dont think that numbers matter, they do sometimes show how busy the missionaries were. We have been on fire. We had 12 member present lessons, 9 new investigators, 8 investigators at church. Things have just been going well. 

I feel almost nervous about the things that have happened and the blessings I've received. Everyone keeps finding out about all of the incredible successes, even in very hard areas. But sometimes I feel like I didnt do anything to deserve it. I of course have to credit my companion. He says I taught him how to become the best missionary, but I dont believe that. And more Importantly, I need to credit God. I just know that he is blessing us with this success, and I keep waiting for a really bad week or bad transfer, but luckily its not coming. I am so grateful for all of the great things I have seen and continue to see.

Tomorrow morning we have an interesting lesson. One of our investigators is drawn to the church because of the temple and doing baptisms for the dead. He has some relatives he wants to do this for, and really believes in the Book of Mormon and everything about our church. But he is having trouble quitting smoking. So tomorrow we are waking up at 6 to meet him in the temple courtyard and teach him a lesson there. I called President Chan since none of our members live anywhere near the temple, and he said he is willing to help fellowship the lesson for us. I am really excited because he is so powerful and this lesson should just be a very powerful one. I plan on using the sticker program. Our investigator only smokes about 4 cigarettes a day so we are going to tell him just to stop buying them, and thanks to those stickers you guys sent with pictures of Jesus on them, we are going to put a Jesus sticker inside his wallet. He has good faith in Jesus so when he goes to buy cigarettes,  hopefully the picture will stop him. 

Well Thanks for all that you do. I love you all so much, and pray for you daily. Thank you for all of your prayers, I know that they help me and my investigators and companion so much.


Love, Jordan

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