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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Breaking the Curse

YAYYY!!!! Hugo passed his baptismal interview and has his baptism on Sunday after church. The ward members have been so excited. One of them told us its actually been 4 years since they've had a baptism. So we are finally going to break that curse and in May we have a SOLID investigator that will get baptised. He is one of the most powerful people I have ever met. His girlfriend jsut started her mission today and he comes to church, institute, ward FHE, even cleaning the chapel every single week. He just feels that god wants him to read the whole book of mormon by May then get baptised. At first I wasnt too fond of the idea. But we actually feel really comfortable about it too. I just hope I will still be here by then. 

But there is a really really good chance of that. The sisters went to a leadership meeting and apparently the leaders all just hammered them. The sisters havent had an investigator in Tai Po for the last 3.5 months. The leaders were saying that the missionaries are all failing and we dont do anything for the ward and never have and we dont smile enough, etc...... It was sad to hear, but now we just know we have to focus on really trying to help out the members in that ward. But the good news is, this means I might stay in Tai Po for a long time. Because the trend is that if a ward does something like this, they will try to keep a missionary there for a long time to try and help the ward out a lot. I really want to stay in this area for at least three or more transfers. But we will see.

We were sitting on a mini-bus coming back from some village, and all of the sudden over the radio, we heard the djs mention our church's name. They said, "It's amazing, the missionaries will come to Hong Kong and within one year or even earlier, they will be able to speak Cantonese like a native, and many of them know how to read and write by the end of their two years." 
Apparently really well known radio DJ had a dad who died that was a member. This DJ realized how crazy it is that we are able to speak cantonese so he called up president chan and interviewed him over the radio. Then after that, they got the APs to come in and interviewed them over the radio. So lately we have been getting a lot of publicity for that. Which I hope will really help out. Because now we are really focusing on using teaching english to get new investigators. Hong Kong's school systems are insane. the kids wake up early, go to school, get out of school and go straight to tutoring, then go to sleep. This is an everyday thing, even on saturdays and sundays. So President chan has been pushing us advertising our English class. The big theme is "learn english through study and faith. The same way the missionaries learn Cantonese." 
We have been having lots of people calling us trying to get us to help them learn english because of all of the advertising. So hopefully this will help us continue to find more people to teach.

I am sooo excited to finally have a baptism in Tai Po. Hugo asked me to baptise him. He is really nervous, but knows this is what he needs to do. Last week he still had a lot of concerns about not fully understanding the deeper doctrine and about not knowing for sure, so I just talked to him and told him there are even so many things that I dont know. So many questions I dont have the answer to. But that God has given us the scriptures, prophets, and prayer to help us continue to learn our entire lives. This entire life is a process. We never stop learning or will fully understand every single thing that happens. So now he is ready :)

Well, no news about transfers. My comp and I are both staying the same, which is good because it would be sad if he moved only 3 days before his first baptism. 

Well I am running out of time. But have a great week! Love you!!!

Love, Jordan

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