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Saturday, March 31, 2012


Hello everyone!!

I just realized yesterday that a week from today I will have already been in Tai Po/Tai Wo area for a full transfer. Time has FLOWN by. We have also been having a lot of success lately. 
Since I came here, we havent really had that much success finding new investigators because both my companion and I didnt know of very many good places to go finding. So I called every missionary in the mission who has ever served here and asked them where their best spots were and every single one of them said, "Miracle Path". 
Miracle Path is a pathway I had never gone to before that is in the middle of all of the antied schools. But we tried finding there and it quickly became obvious how it got its name. We got three new investigators and taught three lessons in about 45 minutes. We have also found a few other places that have been great for finding new investigators. I am just glad that there have been other missionaries in the past who have served here because they have already faced a lot of the challenges we have and have learned how to get around them.

Tai Po is technically a closed area because they havent had a baptism in over 2 years and really havent had any success at all. That is why we are sort of over both Tai Po and Tai Wo.
But Hopefully we will break the curse. Hugo (our investigator who had the faith problem) will probably have his baptismal interview tomorrow. There is a chance he will need more time, but I am just praying hard that he will know he is prepared for baptism and will pass his interview. 

There have been a lot of rumors around the mission that President Chan wants to reopen Tai Po sometime in the next little while before he ends his time as mission president. If Hugo gets baptized there and breaks the streak of no baptisms, then maybe that will be a sign that Tai Po is ready to be opened. 
It would be really sad if Tai Po was reopened while I am still here because that means I would only serve in one of those wards, but it would also be really good because we could have twice as much going on and we would probably move apartments. :)

I dont really mind either way, but it definitely would be nice to get a new apartment. I bought giant ziploc bags that I put all of my food into so that bugs dont get to it. Even after deep cleaning the apartment and killing tons of bugs, I still have to kill them every night before I go to bed though. But our apartment is better than nothing. I dont really care that much I guess.

One of the blessings that we have of being right up against mainland is that we hear a lot of stories about cool things happening up there. 
There is a lady and her mom who come to church every week from mainland, and their story is one of my favorites. 
Her mother was born and because of laws in mainland, her parents were not allowed to have her. So they had two options: Kill her, or figure out how to keep her safe. They left her on a random doorstep who happened to belong to a famous actress. This actress felt bad so she raised the girl. But then once the girl was about 8 years old, the actress kicked her out of the house, so the girl had nowhere to live. On gravestones in China, people will put fruit as a sacrifice to their ancestors. This girl would go around from graveyard to graveyard to try and steal this fruit and eat it. Then once, she had not eaten in a few days and she fell down to the ground and didnt have the energy to get up. Then she said she saw a glowing white person come out of the sky and give her a white flower to eat. She ate it and this angel told her that God wanted her to live, and that she needed to learn about Jesus Christ. So the girl spent the next few years trying to find a bible or learn anything she could. The Chinese government found out about this and for a while she had a warrant out for her arrest. 
Well this girl eventually had a daughter and grew old. The daughter met missionaries in Hong Kong who gave her the book of mormon. She took the book of mormon to mainland and showed her mom. Her mom was really skeptical at first, but once she started reading it, she just started crying and looked up and told her daughter, "This book has to be true. It is better than even the bible." 

there are so many crazy stories I have heard like that from mainland. That is actually the second one I have heard about an angel coming down and giving someone something. In another one, this lady was beaten and was about to die, but then an angel came down and gave her a glowing white pill and told her that she needed to learn what God had in plan for her.

Its pretty cool that there are 100 missionaries, only about 60 of them american, and only about 45 American Elders in our mission that covers all of China (although we are not allowed to go into mainland), and I happen to be one of them. Elder Holland came to talk to the mission in May and told them that he is not exaggerating at all or just saying it, but that only the missionaries with the highest potential are sent to the China Hong Kong Mission. So we need to reach our highest potential, because this mission is just that important to not only all of the Chinese people now, but also in the future. Because China sees what we do here, and will judge us according to that. 

Well, I hope you all have a great week!!

Love you!!

Love, Jordan

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