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Saturday, March 31, 2012

An Odd Week

Wow, this week has been quite an adventure. Hugo got the holy ghost, which was awesome :) I told him to write down his feelings so he doesnt forget what it felt like. Because Hong Kong has an insane amount of people who go inactive within the first year of getting baptized. Part of it is because the lifestyle here is so fast and crazy, that they forget to do things like read scriptures and pray, then that leads to not going to church, and so on... Also, in the past they have been pretty well known for not doing their home teaching or anything like that, but all of my recent converts are luckily being home taught consistently, and are as active as ever!

Okay, so now for probably the weirdest thing that has happened to me since I have gotten here. On Sunday we were going to church and there was a 30-ish year old, normal looking man standing outside the chapel with a roll of what looked like big architecture blueprints or something in his hand. He walked up and started introducing himself. He told us that someone had experimented on him with Chinese Black Magic, and that afterwards he received a "revelation" from God. He then explained that he had the building blueprints for New Jerusalem which was to be built over Africa because of Africa's electric fields. I asked if he wanted to go to church or something because I still didnt know why he was talking to us. He said he couldnt because it was the day of the Savior, so he couldnt go inside, but that on Monday he would be back. He then handed us his plans, told us to give them to the prophet, then left. 
We went inside the chapel really confused. One of the members wanted to see the "plans" so we opened them up. They are INSANE. This guy speaks no english at all, but he has all of the plans in english with the chemical compositions of the materials, and it actually looks really professional. Then on the next page, it has an aerial view of Africa. The entire continent is covered by this weird building. It is complete with the bank of China, the world trade center, laser guns, radars, tvs, and everything else. It apparently will save the world someday when we run out of petroleum and natural resources. 

Well the next day we had district meeting. Guess who walked in right after it ended? This crazy man. He brought his "studies" which were books full of weird english phrases and words that he wrote down. Most of which I had never heard before. Then he asked if we had a chance to show the prophet his plans. He said he sent them to all of the world leaders all over the world and when I asked him what they thought about it he told me they thought the plans were really good, but that they were trying to think of how to come up with the funds to build it. Then I read him about how New Jerusalem was going to be in Missouri and he wasnt too happy. He was asking where the location of heaven is and all these weird things. We managed to give him a BoM because he asked for one so that he could study it. Then he said he will come to church sunday. I would normally be thrilled by his enthusiasm, but its kinda hard to when I am worrying about him doing something crazy at church. So yeah, that is my crazy story for the week. I am creeped out by him and I think it is so sad that he is in this situation, but he wasnt even at all open to anything we said and so we cant do much for him. 

Well on a brighter note, things are going well. For ward FHE we watched 17 Miracles. I LOVED it. I am not sure if you have seen it, but it is really good I thought. By the end even though most members and investigators couldnt understand it, they still felt the spirit. Our investigator Wayne (who is a really big, tough, Chinese guy who has one of the most powerful personalities I have ever met) stood up and wanted to say the closing prayer. He almost started crying during it adn afterwards he told everyone he never cries for anything because he just doesnt, but that he hasnt felt like crying that much in forever. And it wasnt a sad feeling, but from the spirit. He has been reading the whole BoM, coming to institute by himself (even though he doesnt have anyone he knows who goes with him), coming to church every week, etc... I am SO excited for him. He is such an awesome guy. 

Well sorry I dont have much time, but I love you all. Thanks for everything!!

Love, Jordan

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