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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sickness and a Change (06/07/2012)

Well I will start off by letting you know that last week was the best week I have had of my whole mission. We taught sooo many lessons and did a lot of really great things.
When we were in the Wan Chai chapel under the Asia Area offices, someone came down and was like, "Wow! I heard you guys were the missionaries who broke all the records for the mission!" Not sure what "the records" were, and it really doesnt matter about records, but we had a really great week and taught a lot of great lessons.

Saturday, I woke up not feeling too well though.

Soon enough I discovered I had food poisoning :(
It seems like every year at the beginning of summer, I get food poisoning.

The bad part about this time is that it lasted for FIVE DAYS!!
Today I finally felt better and was able to play basketball. But wow, it was a hard five days.
We had a few times when we would get back and I would just fall asleep right away, but for the most part we couldnt really slow down because we had so much going on.

Buuuut, suddenly yesterday at Zone Conference they informed us that a few companionships in the mission were going to get "summer missionaries". These sumemr missionaries are usually Young Men from around here who will live with missionaries and do everything with them for two weeks. This morning we went to the meeting to meet them and pick them up and find out which ones we got. Well this year they are trying something new and instead of one sumemr misisonary following us around, we get two who are our companions for these next two weeks. So my companionship will become two companionships and we will split up and do things seperately.

It should be interesting, and I am a little excited because my companion seems like a really cool kid. He is really really quiet and shy, but this is his third year doing this program and the missionaries he helped last year said that he is really willing to help out and does really well.

A lot of other missionaries are jealous because there are only 2 companionships in the whole mission who get a summer missionary this month.

The more I think about it, the more I realize this is quite the blessing for me. Because my companion and i have been so busy that I really dont know our area at all because we rarely go finding. So now that we will have more time to do things like finding, I will be able to explore my area a little bit more before my companion finishes his misison.
Our area is the second biggest area in the mission right now, so there is a lot to explore.

Well I dont have too much else to say. But thank you all for everything!!!

Kylie, CONGRATULATIONS on graduating!! Enjoy summer before College exhaustion kills you!

Madi, I will pray for your foot :)

I love every one of you so much!!!

Have a good week!

Love, Jordan

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