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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Stories... (From 06/14/12)

Good morning everyone!!

I am assuming you will get this in the morning since it is like 4o clock at night or something like that in Utah right now. 

I am really excited about the RM working in Barbacoa!! You will have to let me know who it is. If it is Elder Dastrup (Kolby), then definitely introduce Kylie to him, because he is probably the best, funniest, just all around good kid ever. There are some other really, really good ones too, so let me know who it is, then get his phone number or something in case I let you know he is a keeper hahaha. 

So now it is story time, and I have a lot. But before I tell them, I want to wish dad, Grandpa Bingham, and Grandpa Behm a happy fathers day!!! I love you all. Thank you for being such great fathers and grandfathers to me and everyone in the family!!

So my first two stories are about the gift of tongues, because I definitely believe they relate. I sometimes feel pretty good about myself because I can understand Cantonese really well right now because of my native companion, and even though I am not great at speaking it, I can understand Mandarin pretty dang well if I know what subject they are talking about. But it has been way too long since I have used Spanish, and other than really small talk, Arabic as well. 

So the other day I was sitting at my desk and pulled out the Arabic Preach my Gospel just for fun. I was looking at a couple of things I dont know how to say, and just messing around. Well later that day we went finding, and as always, there were a ton of Pakistani kids running around playing cricket. Well two of them came up to us and were speaking to us in English. Then, an older guy came up and was speaking to them in some Middle Eastern dialect. I tried talking to him in English but the kids said he didnt know any English or Chinese, but they said he knows Arabic.
The next thing I know I was having a pretty good discussion with him in Arabic. I really could not re do it again if someone asked me to, but it was a really cool experience. I prayed in arabic and everything for him. He was pretty amazed and even though he is an Islam teacher, he really liked what I was talking about. 

Then the next day we went finding for a district find in Po Lam. While we were there I started talking to a girl and boy. The boy really didnt want anything to do with us but the girl was really listening and accepting our message. I noticed though that while her Chinese was good and she understood me, it had a weird accent so I asked where she is from. She is from Argentina. Her dad is chinese and her mom is Argentinian. 

So I started speaking to her in Spanish and she told me she had been living here for a little while but that she would be going back to Argentina soon, and that in Argentina she was able to speak to missionaries a few times, and go to church.

I started speaking Chinese again so the boy could understand, but he was super negative and would make little negative comments left and right so I switched back to Spanish. I wound up teaching her a lesson and then praying in Spanish. The whole time the boy was kind of mad and kept saying they had to go. Then she just kept telling me in Spanish that he was against Christianity and to ignore him. We were able to get her information and stuff for when she goes back to Argentina.

So anyways, the moral of the story is that even though my arabic isnt very good and my spanish is really rusty,  I was able to teach in both of those languages! It was really really cool.

Okay so the next story is shorter, but remember a long time ago in my first area we had an investigator named Rain that I told you about? Well the other day I found his phone number and decided to call him. He was really excited to talk to me and told me that he had moved to Kwun Tong!! Where I am serving now!! So he wants to meet with us ASAP.

Alright, Last story.

This week we went to the Elder Quorum President's house to eat dinner. His son was there and we asked him if he went on a mission. He said that he didnt think he did but that a little while ago he looked at his member record in the clerk's office and it says that he did.
When he was 19 he got his call to stay in Hong Kong, but right before he went to the MTC, he woke up with a bad headache and went to the hospital. 
They found a fist-sized tumor in the very center of his brain, and so he was hospitalized. A world famous brain surgeon found out about his case and came to Hong Kong to try and take care of it. He went in and miraculously removed it, but found out it was cancerous. Before he even left the hospital, he had already grown another one. 
They decided because it was too dangerous to try and remove it, they would put him through chemo and radiation. 
During all of this, his dad had been praying for him. His dad was not a member and had been an investigator for 30+ years. He told God that if his son was healed, he would get baptized. 
The son was then in the hospital for the next two years and in all went through radiation and chemo 10 times. While in the hospital, he was really well known and would have other patients come visit him while he would teach them the lessons. He become probably one of the only hospital missionaries ever. 
Well finally after two years, they found all of the cancer and signs of it were completely gone. 
So his final investigator (his dad) was baptized, and is now the Elders Quorum President.

So this week is going really well. We have so many investigators right on the verge of getting baptized, so hopefully soon that will happen.

Well thanks for everything everyone!!

Love, Jordan!!

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