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Sunday, June 10, 2012

SOOOO Hot & Humid (5/4/2012)

WOW it has definitely started to get into summer weather here. It is so incredibly hot and humid here now. I have switched to my summer clothes but realized that one pair of pants is lost :O and one has a big huge tear in it from last summer. I should be fine though. If i need more though, dont send any because here they are cheaper and better quality. But I think I am fine for now. :) Just a heads up for if something happens to my other pants.

So it has been another week of being super busy. Last week we had a total of 2 and a half days to actually do any missionary work for our own area. But somehow we miraculously were able to exceed our goals and teach more lessons than I ever have. In one day we had 10 member present lessons because we were able to split up with members and schedule our time with investigators really well. We got seven more the other days and a bunch of other lessons. I have realized that numbers dont matter, but this is just a testimony to me that we are doing what we should with focusing on our zone and trying to help them, because God is helping us so much with our own area.

We saw a huge miracle last Saturday. Our recent convert brought a dad and his son to us. The son was in a car crash that left him a little bit messed up and traumatized for the rest of his life, and the mom was killed. So when we met with them we are asking why they wanted to meet. The dad said because he wants to meet people who will have a good influence on their lives and wants to find friends for his son because ever since the accident, things have been hard for them. Then, he said he also had a feeling one night after his wife died that he would see her again. He didnt know why so he asked us about that. The spirit was so strong when we told him that he would see her again. The dad and his son have such a close relationship since the crash because the dad goes with the son places to make sure he is okay and because he has been teased a ton ever since because it left him with some problems. It makes me want to cry when I see them because they are so amazing and I can not wait to continue teaching them. They are really golden and I have a lot of faith in them. We should be getting at least a couple baptisms this month that we have lined up.

I have never been so happy as I have been these last few weeks. My companion is awesome, my area is the land of miracles, the ward is awesome, and I have been so busy.

This week we had some zone leader councils and things so thats why I am emailing you a day late. Those were pretty good.

I am excited for may. Next week I can call home for mothers day, I will turn 20, and I just feel like it will be a great month for our zone.

Sorry if my emails have been boring lately, I have just been so busy and not really remembering a lot ofthe things that happen because I havent really had time to write in my journal and stuff :/

I love you all and really do appreciate everything you do!!

Love, Jordan

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