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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Almost 20...weird! (05/16/2012)

Well Hello everyone!

It was great to talk to you all for mothers day, especially mom!! We are so lucky we have the best mom ever!!

Well, not too much is happening. We had moves calls and found out that almost our entire zone will be staying the same next transfer. I am really glad I get to stay with my companion. He is the best.

One of our investigators had his baptismal interview and passed! He has sooo much faith. I am really excited for him. But we have been praying so hard for him, because he has an obstacle that hopefully wont be a problem. He is supposed to be baptized on this Sunday coming up. But his parents have to sign the baptismal form because he is not quite 18 yet. He is scared to death but told us that if his mom says no, he will just fast and pray until she says yes.

I just hope that we dont get ruined by parents for the second time in a row. Our last kid who was supposed to get baptized also had this problem, but it didnt work out too well for him. The good news is that our investigator right now is older and hopefully his parents let him choose...

So.... I dont really have to much to talk about cuz I just talked to you all this week.


Love you all!!

Love, Jordan

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