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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Gung Hei Faat Choi!!

Gung Hei Faat Choi!!
That actually means, "Congratulations, you're rich." Or something like that. But it is one of the most common things heard during Chinese New Year here in Hong Kong. Everyone says it to each other.
First of all, I want to thank you so much for your prayers. Last Friday we had a miracle day. We were out finding new investigators and we taught a bunch of kids on the street, then an older guy came up and wanted us to teach him. He also bought us food at McDonalds. Then a kid waited on the other side of the glass from where we were sitting in mcdonalds and after we were done, he wanted us to teach him.
The crazy part is that our "Anti" problem actually helped us with the older man. He has no religious background and doesnt know anything about God or Jesus. But he had heard that we were very evil people and he approached us wanting to know the truth and asking about what we really do because it didnt make sense to him. He was confused that we spend 2 years of our lives going on missions to help people. He said that if that is really what we are doing then we are the opposite of what everyone says about us. He was also amazed that we are able to learn Cantonese so fast. He was complaining that he has studied English his whole life but cant say anything more than introducing himself. It is amazing what different methods God uses to prepare people for us.
This week was so much fun. Proscelyting is ineffective on Chinese New Year so President Chan pretty much made all of Chinese New Year a long P-day. Monday we deep cleaned our apartment and it was GROSS. We took everything like the beds and stuff apart and cleaned everything. We killed hundreds and hundreds of bugs. And so far it has taken care of our bug problem... The only problem is that we are not completely done cleaning so the rest of today we will hopefully finish that up.
Monday we also got a call from someone in the Bishopric who I asked about Chan Baak. I dont know if you remember, but awhile ago I emailed you guys talking about a man who lives in a village in the mountains. he is 100 years old and invented his own car out of lawnmower pieces and stuff. Well I found out he was in Tai Wo ward but hasnt come to church for a few months. Brother Yeung told me that members go up and take care of him every week and I asked if he could show us how to hike up there so we could go every week and give him the sacrament. He was ecstatic and monday he took us up.
Chan Baak lives all alone in a deserted village. When he was younger he fought the Japanese in some war. Then he somehow ended up on Communist China's most wanted list and so he fled to Singapore. While he was there, his entire family was killed. His wife was tortured but there is no proof of her ever dying, so they cannot do the temple work for her yet. Then he moved back to Hong Kong into that village and everyone else there died but him. Then two years ago two missionaries in our area went exploring in the mountains and found him. He said he had been waiting for them and so they went up three times a week and taught him everything then baptized him. He says he is not sad about his family because the Holy Ghost tells him they can all live together someday because they have accepted the gospel in heaven.
Tuesday we went to BIG BUDDHA. The giant buddha statue on Lantau Island. The entire mission including President Chan went. It was soo cool. Except it was too foggy for us to even see the top of the buddha while standing right in front of it, so I wasnt able to get any pictures. hopefully next year I can. But the fog definitely gave the whole village and buddha a cool/creepy feel.
Yesterday we went with the Tai Po ward to a beach and had a barbecue and bonfires where we roasted fish balls and octopus tentacles and stuff. It was really fun and pretty, but when I went to eat something off of my metal stick, my lip touched a red hot part so now I have a burn scar from it. I did get some really good pictures from that, but I will have to send them another time because the place we went to email doesnt have USB ports....
Things are definitely getting better. We are starting to have a lot of success and we are having a lot of fun doing it. I have started learning how to read Chinese characters, so i can kind of read a lot of those, which is helpful for reading menus in restaurants and stuff (not to mention the Book of Mormon in Chinese. But I am not that good yet).
I just love being here. The people here are the best, the food (not all of it) is the best, the language and culture is incredibly interesting, everyday is an adventure. The best part of it is that while I am enjoying all of that, I am being a missionary and helping people everyday not just in ways that will influence the happiness of their lives here, but also that will help them in eternity.
Thanks for all of your prayers and for everything you do!!
I love you all!!
Love, Jordan

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  1. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with work and life until I read Elder Bingham's powerful testimony and humble spirit

    I think I have it tough? I should try speaking Cantinese to people who think I am evil!

    I am grateful for his love for the great people. It is in the fiber of his soul.