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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dai po, tai wo, and senior (From Jan 11, 2012)

Wow! Well this week will change my mission.

We had moves calls on Tuesday night to find out where we are going.
They made us try and guess until we got it right... I never guessed

I am going to Tai Wo and Dai Po with Elder Marrott, the kid in one of
the first pictures I sent from hong kong up on the peak overlooking
hong kong. I am also going senior companion after just 3 transfers as
junior... Tai Wo and Dai Po both meet in the same building, but there
is only our companionship in charge of both of them because both areas
are really struggling..

The APs talked to me last night and told me that this area really
needs help and so they were trying to figure out who to put up there.
They were originally thinking an older missionary who is pretty fluent
in Cantonese and who could help things up there, but they said they
have really seen my leadership skills and skills as a missionary this
transfer, so they are moving me up there because they think I can help

Needless to say, I feel pretty nervous, and I definitely think there
are missionaries who have been here longer and are more capable. But
hopefully we can have a lot of success up there and make it so its not
considered an area that needs help.

So we will live up in Fanling which is the farthest North apartment in
the mission. It is the closest to mainland, and you can actually see
mainland from our area. We kind of will be up in the boonies, except
for there are some areas with big markets and a lot of people. But
most of our area is all old villages and things like that. A lot of
the villages in our area are up the mountains so when the missionaries
go up to them, they arent required to wear their white shirts and
ties, because it is quite a hike.

I am going to miss my old area SO MUCH. But I am excited to go to Dai
Po/Tai Wo. The last few days we met with our investigators for my last
time. Some of them are progressing so well. The one who is in the
Triad was one of my favorite lessons ever because he really has
progressed so far and so fast, and it was really cool to listen to him
talk about how much his life is changing..

I am pretty shocked still about all the changes, so I am not sure what
else to say. But next week I will have gone to church and explored the
area a little bit, so hopefully I will have more.

My companion and I have the youngest companionship in the mission by
far. The next youngest companionship has someone in our group and
someone who has been here almost a year. Everyone in the mission that
I have talked to about it is shocked, and I am sure all eyes are on us
right now. We could either kill the "struggling" area or we could have
tons of success and bring it back. And I am not going to let these
areas go more downhill.

Well, hopefully next week I will have some interesting stuff to write
about. Have a fantastic week!

Love you all!

Love, Jordan

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