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Sunday, June 5, 2011


I was expecting to fall asleep kinda early tonight but it doesnt look like its gonna happen...
Something that I  have been thinking about a lot lately is how different life would be if everyone could read minds.We wouldnt ask questions anymore, wouldnt usually have to talk, and best of all nobody would be able to lie. Everything we thought would be out in the open for everyone to see. If you didnt like somebody, everyone would know that and the reasons why.

While some people may have problems with this because they would rather not know if people did not like them as it could make them feel bad, I think it would be an overall good thing. It would allow all of us to see exactly what people think about us and why. We could change the bad characteristics we have into good ones and make more people like us. In the end no matter how uncomfortable it would be for the person thinking bad thought, and the person who is being thought about, both will benefit if the person changes what they are doing to counter the bad thought about them.

Imagine you have been walking around school or some other social place all day and when you get home, you look into the mirror and realize that you have whatever you ate that morning stuck in clear site on the front of your teeth very visibly. You realize that everyone you smiled at or talked to had to look at the food on your teeth and it probably made them feeling uncomfortable or awkward. The one thing that would come to your mind is probably why someone did not tell you that you had food stuck in your teeth early on in the day so that you didnt have to go all day before realizing and fixing it.

I realize that I am a person who always wants the complete truth even if it is horribly mean and other people may not feel the same way. But I think that if everyone just spoke their mind and was completely honest all of the time, and we knew what everyone thought about us and the reasons why, then the world would be a better place.

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