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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Choices and Consequences

Well today I kind of knew I'd come home and have all day doing nothing. So I figured I'd make a new blog post. The problem is I really have nothing to talk about right now. But after thinking about it, the word consequence popped into my head. Not sure why, but it gives me something to talk about.

Everything we do in life has its consequence. Sometimes seemingly insignificant things can have huge repercussions. Some consequences are good and others are bad.

I think that the main things governing what we do are these consequences, or at least what we expect them  to be. You eat because the consequence is you being full. You go to a party because you believe or hope the consequence is you having fun. You go to your bed at night with the expected consequence of going to sleep. There are also things we do to prevent bad consequences such as swimming while in water so we do not drown.

However, as such is the nature of life, so many things are unpredictable. The expected or even hoped for consequences will many times not occur, or will happen differently than you thought they would. If this was not so, life would be so much easier and we would not have to worry about pretty much anything. We would be able to save all heartbreaks because all of that time and effort we put into relationships would not suddenly amount to nothing, our bank accounts would never be empty because we wouldnt make foolish investments, and we would only feel minimal if any sadness because we would always do things with positive consequences.

In my opinion, choices with definitive, obvious consequences are the easiest to make. Even if you know you will not be happy either way. But these choices do not come often enough. Almost every choice we make, we weigh in our heads and choose the option that we foresee to have to most positive consequences. But with the added chaos that the world and other people bring into the equation, a lot of the time our choices are superfluous. We choose things hoping somehow for some reason they will give us the best outcome.

The other problem with choices is that we often times cannot take them back. Once we know and experience the consequences of making the wrong choices, we wish we could go back and change what we chose. But sadly, this opportunity rarely presents itself.

I could turn this into a post about not judging others because you dont know how the world's chaos affected their superfluous choices, or I could write about the choices I have made in my life. But really, this post has no moral or lesson to teach. In fact, it's just kind of a bunch of rambling that never reaches a conclusion. But to bring closure to this issue, I would first have to fully figure it out. So make what you want of it.

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