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Monday, September 26, 2011

Climbing and Jumping Off Walls in Hong Kong

Well, it is another exciting morning in the Mong Kok public library. But at the moment it is about 9:30 PM Wednesday night for all of you. 

First off, last P-day was great! We just walked around with some of the other trainers and kids from my MTC district. We went to Ladies' Street which is a street that is barely wide enough for you to walk through because all over the street are these little shop things like the ones in Mexico. But instead of Luchador masks and Jackets, they were selling evrything that I would have loved to have back home. They have Supras which are about 130 dollar shoes for 20 bucks (which was just the starting price they were asking for, so I probably could have gotten them for 5.), Bapes shirts, Jerseys of every kind, games, belts that smelled good and had different flavors, watches, ties, belts, and just about anything you want. I refrained from buying anything though, since 1 I dont really have a use for any of it at the moment, and 2 I am running quite low on funds because Gluten-Free food is pretty expensive in comparison to other food. (But in american money it is still really cheap. For example, if you go to McDonalds, you can get a Big Mac meal for $2.50.)

The people here are so interesting. They are very, very honest. For example: They love seeing pictures, so everytime you meet anyone, they ask for family pictures. I was showing someone mine, and they said wow you have such a beautiful mom, such a handsome dad, such beautiful sisters, and such a cute little brother. Why are you so ugly? I was shocked, and not sure whether to laugh or come up with a fake excuse, like I was adopted or something. It was pretty awkward.

Because we didnt have any investigators when I first came, we have gone finding a lot. That means we have gotten lost a lot. But it is really fun. People are always busy so we usually have to find creative ways to go finding. For example, the mission president came out a while ago and said that if you are good at sports such as basketball, you can go sports finding. This means you go put on your basketball clothes, then go to all of the courts around and challenge people, and say if you beat them, they have to let you teach them. It is pretty effective since people here LOVE basketball, and love playing white people, but are significantly shorter. So I feel like a pro at basketball here. They also play soccer, and ping pong. So that is fun.

Yesterday while finding, Elder Jolley and I were on a busy path. We decided to spread out and he would try to get all of the people going one way, and I would get everyone going the other. This meant that I would have to talk to everyone on my own without his help if I didnt understand something. At first it was very difficult because nobody would stop to talk (except for the people who are amazed that a white person is speaking Cantonese. But they usually just want to test your Cantonese skills and dont want to learn anything.). So I decided to stand up on a stone wall in the middle of the path. I started pointing at people and talking to them so they knew I was talking to them. It was a litte more effective. Then when I got someone to stop (probably out of confusion), I would jump off the wall and make a beeline to them and try talking some more. Although I was able to get more people to talk to me, not many wanted to sit down and listen to a lesson. 

But then one time I jumped off of the wall to talk to some kid, and I accidentally jumped right in front of some girl. She looked shocked so I said sorry then procceeded to the boy. He didnt really want to talk so I went back. I still had not gotten to teach any lessons, and I had only been able to get a few phone numbers and appointments for later in the week. But then I noticed the girl came back around and walked up to me and asked for my phone number. I was a little weirded out because nobody does that, and I wasnt exactly sure what to say. So I just explained who I was and what I was doing. Then asked if we could share a message. She agreed so my companion and I sat down and taught her for a while. She was extremely receptive and agreed to meet with us today to learn more. It is crazy how at the end of every time we go finding, no matter how successful or unsuccessful we are up until that point, we always find someone golden right as we are preparing to go back to the apartment. I think its just God testing our endurance. We have had SO MANY things like that happen because we stay out in the heat finding the entire time we plan to.

The members in our ward are awesome. They help us out so much. The bishop's son and daughter both are just giving us referrals left and right. The first week, the son brought a friend to church, then last week the daughter brought a friend to church who we were able to teach afterwards and scheduled a time to meet with her again sometime later this week. Then, they gave us some referrals and next Sunday they are bringing a whole family to church. I know it is not easy in Utah to really do things like this since everyone is Mormon, but I encourage you all to do whatever missionary work you can do. This may mean just being a good person and example to those around you. People notice how you act, and form opinions based on that.

I love it here so much. I really really really wish all of you could experience it with me. It's such an amazing place. 

Every day is an adventure. Sometimes we go to areas higher up on the mountains, where lots of people havent seen missionaries before. The reactions we get out of people there are priceless. They just stop and say, "What?! You speak Cantonese?! Thats impossible!" Then when I tell them I started learning it 3 months ago, their jaws drop and they say, " Wow, you are so smart." It kinda balanced out all of the ugly comments. But I explain that it's only because I have God's help.

Last week we got 8 new investigators. Double what our entire District got the week before. We are doing really well, and it is just so much fun.

I love you all and hope you have another great week!

Love, Elder Jordan Roe Bingham

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  1. Absolutely awesome! I want to be like Elder Bingham. He is so filled with the spirit and love for the people! I am grateful for his example.
    PS. I think Elder Bingham is very handsome!